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It would be funny if at Beacon they had a Biology class and the teacher was talking about if Fauna’s do go through their animal sexual ways when it’s there time/go into heat or whatever. So for cats, they won’t stop feeling overly horny for like a week until their issue is resolved.

And then…I can just imagine Yang slowly turning her head towards Blake with this huge grin plastered on her face…

And Blake is just…


Ruby’s reaction:

And Weiss’s:

Please Don’t Leave (Yang/Blake fluff)


A/N: Blake and Yang have a heart to heart about what happened. Blake wants to know if Yang still wants her; Yang wants to know: who wouldn’t?

EDIT: So as some of you know, Arryn (the voice actress for Blake) and Barbara (the voice actress for Yang) read the first half of this fic out loud not too long ago. If you want to see it, a good link is here or here

Thank you all so much for your support and kindness!


Their efficiency as a team was at stake now. Running through drills without Blake wouldn’t do them much help in the tournament— if she returned in time for the tournament at all. Still, it killed time, and if she drove herself to exhaustion every night and distracted herself with her sore, buzzing muscles in the morning, Yang didn’t have to think about the fact that this was the longest she’d been separated from Blake since the moment they met.

She should have gone after her.

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Notes (A bumblebee fic)


Her breath came out in puffs, the frigid winter air not doing anything for her nerves. Jumping from foot to foot, Yang looked up at the imposing brick walls of the biggest library in Vale. 

Jumping in place a few more times to pump herself up, she jabbed the air, shadowboxing a few quick moves before strolling in through the doors like she owned the place. That was how she strutted into every room, of course. A brilliant, powerful, beautiful woman draws attention wherever she goes, so Yang learned long ago to harness it as her energy, to fuel her movements. Even though the place was mostly empty, she still got a few lingering looks. Good. Let everyone know Yang Xiao Long had entered the building. And she was on a mission.

Maybe the most important one she’d ever undertake.

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